Using Record Function on a Mac Catalina

Using Record Function on a Mac Catalina

Catalina has made it a challenge to configure Macs for recording.

If you are trying to record on Mac OSx 10.15 Catalina here is a list of steps to follow:

Download this Song Surgeon Launcher.

Double click the .dmg.  When it opens you will see a SS icon but it will say SS Launcher
Grab this with your mouse and drag it to your Applications folder.

Now open you applications folder.  You will see two SS icons but the one will say SS Launcher.

Now do the following one-time procedure. 

Right click the SS Launcher icon and select Open.
You'll likely see a warning from Catalina about not being able to check for viruses.
Click okay, which will close the warning.
Right click the SS Launcher icon again, and select Open
You'll see the same warning but this time there will be an OPEN button on the bottom of the warning.
Click the Open button and now SS will open.

Once the above is completed you won't need to do it again.  From that point forward simply use the SS Launcher
 which will start Song Surgeon with elevated permissions - and then you can record.

You will need to keep BOTH SS icons on your computer.

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