Standard User: Want to Run Pro Demo

Standard User: Want to Run Pro Demo

Customers that own the Standard Version can use the PRO version in the Demo mode. To do so, please go to your START button, and then look in the list of programs installed. In the Song Surgeon 3 folder, select the link that says: Song Surgeon 3 Demo version.
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      If you purchased the Mac version of Song Surgeon and now want to also run it on Windows   OR your purchased the Windows version and now want to run it on Mac, the best way to do this is with the Dual OS Option. Song Surgeon is sold for both Mac and ...
    • Downloading or Registering the PRO Version

      The Standard and PRO versions are the same executable file. It is simply an activation issue that unlocks the Standard to full PRO functionalities. Open your Standard Version, you will see a screen that opens and then automatically disappears after 5 ...
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      Assuming you are running in the Standard mode, and you purchased Pro, and now need to Activate the Pro features.  Here are the instructions: Please open SS Go to the Help Button Select Activate Pro Enter the required data in the activation screen ...
    • Running/Registering Demo

      When you open SS you will see two options. Select the option that says, "Run in Demo.  Demo or Trial users DO NOT register. It is only after purchasing that you will register. The registration will activate your copy of Song Surgeon.
    • What MAC OS will this run on?

      Song Surgeon for MAC will run on Version 10.4 and newer.  It also runs on both PPC and Intel based processors. Version 2 can be run on almost any machine with the correct OS. However, Version 3 uses a much more CPU and memory intensive processing ...