SS- Sniffer Not Working

SS- Sniffer Not Working

There are a number of different causes for the sniffer to not work as it should.  This is a fairly comprehensive list of things you can check.

1. Please make sure you have the most recent version of Song Surgeon. This is currently (as of 6/12). If you don't have this,
please uninstall your current version and reinstall this updated version.  You can get a copy from the Download Section of the Help Desk.

2. Go to your list of installed programs in your control panel and confirm that WinpCap is installed.  If it is not, please download and install it using this link

3. Go to the Song Surgeon 3 folder in your program files folder

C: Program files (x86)\Song Surgeon 3\    (or)
C: Program files\Song Surgeon 3\

Please check and see if you have a file named wpcap.dll in this Song Surgeon 3 folder.  If so, please delete this file and proceed to the next step below.

4. The next step is to Open the browser(s) that you use to view videos on the internet and delete the cache (temporary internet files) and cookies.  Here is a link to show you how to do that.

Please note that if you are using IE, depending upon the version there may be options that you need to BOTH  SELECT and DESELECT.

5.  If you are using IE, please go to the Tools >> Internet Options
>> Security tab and in this tab look for a setting that says "Protected Mode"
If you find this, please uncheck or deselect this mode.

5.  Lastly, please add Song Surgeon and WinPcap to your firewall exceptions list.  Please view the knowledgebase article below to show you how to do this.,2

Please add these files  SongSurgeon.exe an rpcapd.exe

The above instructions are for Windows Firewall.  Please make sure that you have only 1 firewall activated...
If you use McAfee, Norton or some other firewall than turn OFF the Windows firewall, or turn off the McAfee/Norton
firewall and leave the Windows one on.

Here is a video that walks you thru each of the above step-by-step.

After checking and doing these things, please try the sniffer again.

If none of these solves your problem, please submit a Help Desk ticket. When you do, please tell us whether the sniffer
is Not detecting any links, or whether the problem is that it cannot download them.
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