Song Surgeon Hangs on Opening

Song Surgeon Hangs on Opening

There are a couple of things that could cause Song Surgeon not to open when you click the icon to start it.

Reason 1.
 On reason for Song Surgeon not to open is because of WinpCap. This utility is used by Song Surgeon, and you
are prompted to install this during the Song Surgeon installation process.  If you do not install it, the program will hang or not open.

More recently we attempted to address this problem by adding another file to the Song Surgeon program files folder on installation.
This file is called wpcap.dll. 

You can whether WinpCap is installed by going to:

Start Button
Program List

Look for WinPcCap in your program list.  If it is NOT there you should download it and install it using the link below.

After installing WinPcap, open Song Surgeon again and see if it works correctly.

If you try both of the above solutions and you continue to have the problem, please submit a HELP DESK ticket.

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