SC Recorder for Mac does not work correctly.

SC Recorder for Mac does not work correctly.

When you open the SC Recorder and begin to use it, you will briefly see a message in the upper left corner of our screen saying it is configuring your machine to use the SC Recording… then it will say it is ready for use.   After that you can use the SC Recorder and it should capture both audio and video correctly.

If this message in the upper right corner instead says “Download Surgeon cannot switch your system audio preferences as required” or “osascript is not allowed assistive access. : -25211”

If you see either of these two things, the first thing to do is to go to your System Preferences >> Audio >> Output devices.  In this list you should either see SoundFlower or iShowU. 

If you do not see either of these, then go to this Knowledge Base article and try to install the correct one.
DS 3 for Mac SC Recorder: Message about installing utility continues to appear each time I try to use it

If you find iShowU or Soundflower in this Output devices list, then go the following.

Go to System Preferences >> Security and Privacy >> Accessibility

In this list you should see Download Surgeon 3.  If you do and it is not checked, unlock the screen, select it, and then again lock it.  

After that go back and try the SC Recorder again.

If DS3 is already selected in this screen, unclick the screen, select

DS3 with your mouse and while selected click the ( -) button just below this window on the right.  Next, go to your Applications folder, find DS3 and then click on it with your mouse and drag it to this same screen from where your deleted it.  It will again appear. Once it is there make sure it is checked, and then lock this screen.  Now open DS3 and then the SC Recorder and try again.

If it still doesn’t work please complete a support ticket.

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