SC Recorder Doesn't Work Correctly - Mac Users

SC Recorder Doesn't Work Correctly - Mac Users

The single most common problem with the SC Recorder module on Download Surgeon 2
is the incorrect or incomplete installation of the program.   Here is a link to a tutorial which
walks you through the steps of this installation.

You can check to see if the installation on your machine is correct by doing the following.  First,
go to System Preferences  >> Sound.  In this Sound settings you should see both Soundflower (2ch)
and Soundlfower (64ch).  Other than verifying that they exist do not select them.  When you use
the SC Recorder module in Download Surgeon, DS will automatically select Soundflower when you are
recording and when done it will again reset to your previous default settings.  Below is a snapshot of
what you should see in your Sound settings

The next thing you must check is your System and Security Settings.  Go to your Apple Icon >>
System Settings >> Security & Privacy >> Accessibility.   In the Privacy tab, you should see
both Download Surgeon and AppleScript Editor (or simply ScriptEditor) with a checkbox
next to them, as shown below.  If you these two items are not checked, please unlock these settings
by click the padlock in the lower, left-hand corner to unlock.  Once unlocked, select these check
boxes and then click the padlock again to lock this window with these settings selected.
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