Purchased Mac or Win - and now want to run on other OS

Purchased Mac or Win - and now want to run on other OS

If you purchased the Mac version of Song Surgeon and now want to also run it on Windows   OR
your purchased the Windows version and now want to run it on Mac, the best way to do this is with the
Dual OS Option.

Song Surgeon is sold for both Mac and Windows. Each platform must be developed separately and each has its own development costs.
That is why we charge for each product separately. We do recognize that some user have both Mac and Win systems and would like to run
it on both. Rather than charging you the full price for each version you can buy the dual OS option, in addition to buying or owning either the
Mac or Windows version. This will allow you to install it on the other platform at a very modest cost for around $20
Go to the order page, log in, and then select dual OS

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