Problems After Upgrading to Mac 10.9 - Song Surgeon will not run

Problems After Upgrading to Mac 10.9 - Song Surgeon will not run

After Upgrading to Mac 10.9, some people are having problems getting Song Surgeon to run.  They are seeing error
messages about not being able to find ffmpeg or ffplay.  If you see such error messages it is likely being caused
by the GateKeeper settings on this new OS.  Please do the following.
1. Click the Apple in the top left corner of the screen.
2. Select System Preferences
3. Select Security & Privacy
4. Click the Lock on the bottom left
5. Enter the Password to unlock
6. Change Allow apps downloaded from: to Anywhere
7. Open Song Surgeon

If you still have problems then do the following:

Use the Finder app on your Mac and find the file named: SongSurgeon.ini.
You should find this file here:

/Users/**Your User Name**/Song Surgeon 3/SongSurgeon3.ini

Once you find this file then open it with a text editor and make the following changes to the following 3 lines.
Simply copy and paste this data in place of the existing paths. Then save the changed file


After saving the changed ini file, open the program and it should now work.
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