Key Detection Not Working - Mac

Key Detection Not Working - Mac

If the key detection module doesn't work, it is likely that every file you open has a key of Abm.

Step 1.   Go to the Help Button.  Look for an option that says, Install Key Detection / Key Finder. 
If you see this select it and install.

Step 2.  If you don't see the above then do the following:

Go to your Applications folder.
Do you see Keyfinder there? If you do, uninstall it.

Then do the following:

Go to Applications folder and find the SS icon and right click it and select Show Package Contents
Double click "Contents" folder
Double Click "Mac OS"
Find Keyfinder.pkg - then double click it and run the installation.
When done go to Applications folder and confirm that Keyfinder is installed
If so, then run SS and see if the key detection module now works.

If it does not work, then go to Help Desk and submit a ticket.
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