Can't Register Song Surgeon

Can't Register Song Surgeon

If you have attempted to register Song Surgeon and these attempts are not successful, there are two common issues

1.  The data you are entering might be incorrect. Song Surgeon requires you to enter the EXACT information you used
when you ordered the product.  So even if you mispelled something you need to use that mispelling in your registration.
Similarly if your email has changed since you first purchased you need to continue to use your old email, until you update
this in our system.

2. A second possible reason is because of permissions issues on your machine that is blocking it from communicating with
our server. If you think this may be the case you can try the following:

a. Navigate to your C: Program Files/Song Surgeon 3/   folder
Find the file SongSurgeonReg.exe.

b. Right click and then select RUN AS -- Admininstrator. When the registration screen opens again, please complete
and submit it.

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